SUN Parking Lot Expansion

Schedule A, SUN Parking Lot Expansion, generally includes demolition of the temporary access road and construction of a new asphalt paved parking lot. The major project demolition items are removal of trees, storm culverts, and partial removal of the temporary access road located to the south. The new major items include a paved parking lot, site grading, concrete curb and gutter, irrigation and landscaping, and lighting. Additive Schedule B, Heated Stairs, Ramp and Walkway, includes installation of a heated stairs and walkway, and heated ramp.
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001-C0-0_Cover Sheet 2.6 MB
002-C0-1_Notes 1.4 MB
003-C1-0_Const Layout Plan 3.0 MB
004-C2-0_ESC Plan 2.2 MB
005-C3-0_Demo Plan 845.3 KB
006-C4-0_Site Plan 1.6 MB
007-C5-0_Grading and Drainage 1.4 MB
008-C6-0_Bid Additive B Heated Stairs and Ramp 1.7 MB
009-L1-0_Tree Relocation and Demo 290.6 KB
010-L2-0_Irrig Plan 383.1 KB
011-L3-0_Landscape Plan 539.8 KB
012-L4-0_Landscape Details 324.0 KB
013-E0-0_Elec Cover 902.4 KB
014-SE1-0_Elec Site Plan 313.3 KB
015-SE1-1_Enl Elec Site Plan 236.7 KB
016-SE1-2_Elec Site Photometric Plan 443.2 KB
017-SE1-3_Elec Details 186.2 KB
018-SE1-4_Lighting Details 336.2 KB