Sandpiper Shores Master Utility Wastewater Improvements

The project involves wastewater lagoon expansion by excavation and import of new lagoon embankment; placing embankment material; geo-membrane lining; a new lagoon aeration system, wastewater irrigation pump station, effluent sewer irrigation mains, and effluent drip irrigation system; collection system repairs and improvements; and stormwater and erosion control measures for expansion of the SSMU wastewater treatment and land application system.
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00-Division00_Bid and Contract Requirements 14.4 MB
01-Division01_General Requirements 891.2 KB
02-Division02_Sitework 659.1 KB
09-Division09_Finishes 117.4 KB
11-Division11_Equipment 171.4 KB
15-Division15_Mechanical 153.7 KB
16-Division16_Electrical 765.9 KB
Army Corps revised submittal (2-27-20) 8.7 MB
Final Silvicultural Report 9-20-10 6.9 MB
Geotech_C10094A REPORT - Sandpiper Shores Lagoon Expansion 1-7-11 1.5 MB
SSMU_SWPPP_Draft Final 20.8 MB