Sandpiper Shores Master Utility Wastewater Improvements

The project involves wastewater lagoon expansion by excavation and import of new lagoon embankment; placing embankment material; geo-membrane lining; a new lagoon aeration system, wastewater irrigation pump station, effluent sewer irrigation mains, and effluent drip irrigation system; collection system repairs and improvements; and stormwater and erosion control measures for expansion of the SSMU wastewater treatment and land application system.
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001-C0-00_Cover 1.9 MB
002-C1-00_Project Overview 1.8 MB
003-C2-00_Cemo Plan 1.7 MB
004-C3-00_Lagoon Earthworks 2.5 MB
005-C3-01_Lagoon Cross Sections 901.2 KB
006-C3-02_Lagoon Site and Piping 1.0 MB
007-C3-03_Lagoon Aeration 1.1 MB
008-C3-04_Lagoon Fencing 778.9 KB
009-C3-05_Lagoon Details 1.3 MB
010-C3-06_Lagoon Details 842.0 KB
011-C4-00_Irrig Pump Station 1.7 MB
012-C4-01_Irrig Force Main Plan 1.0 MB
013-C4-02_Irrig Force Main Plan 786.9 KB
014-C4-03_Irrig Force Main Plan 812.9 KB
015-C4-04_Irrig Force Main Plan 962.9 KB
016-C4-05_Drip Irrig Sys 3.4 MB
017-C5-00_Collection Sys Improv 1.0 MB
018-C5-01_Collection Sys Details 1.2 MB
019-C6-00_General Details 1.3 MB
020-C7-00_Stormwater ESC Plan 822.5 KB
021-C7-01_Stormwater ESC Plan 1.2 MB
022-C7-02_ESC Plan 1.7 MB
023-S1_Struct Specs 287.6 KB
024-S2_Pumphouse Elevations 312.4 KB
025-S3_Foundation Plan 331.2 KB
026-S4_Structural Details 323.9 KB
027-S5_Pumphouse Const Details 354.2 KB
028-S6_Concrete Wall Details 318.8 KB
029-E1_Elec Cover 180.6 KB
030-E2_Overall Elec Site Plan 163.5 KB
031-E3_Elec Site Plan 179.8 KB
032-E4_Power and Control Plan 157.9 KB
033-E5_Ltg Plan 163.4 KB
034-E6_Lift Station 2 Elec Plan 140.3 KB
035-E7_Elec Demo Details 1.7 MB
036-E8_Lift Station 1 Elec Details 4.4 MB
037-E9_Elec Details 240.0 KB
038-E10_Conduit and Wire Schedules 253.7 KB
039-E11_Elec One-Line Diag 389.5 KB
040-E12_Elec One-Line Diag 422.7 KB
041-E13_Pump Control Panel 131.1 KB
042-E14_Wiring Diag 120.4 KB
043-E15_Autodialer Wiring Diag 118.1 KB
044-E16_P ID Legend 181.1 KB
045-E17_Irrig Pump Station 124.7 KB