IDA Terminal Renovations

The Base Bid, Improve Terminal, includes adding a new gate and boarding bridge to the second level of the terminal, expanding and relocating TSA screening area, and constructing a new second floor area and adding a new elevator. The Base Bid also includes expansion of the first-floor hold room under the existing second floor hold room, the addition of ground load walkways to the lower level gates, replacing the finishes in the first and second floor rest rooms, remodel of the second floor hold room and existing concession area, and remodel of the front lobby and restaurant lobby area. Add Alternate No. 2a includes the replacement of the existing south second level boarding bridge and Add Alternate No. 2b includes the replacement of the existing north second level boarding bridge.
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Name Size
00-Division00_Bid and Contract Requirements 121.5 MB
01-Divison01_General Requirements 18.9 MB
02-Divison02_Existing Conditions 2.0 MB
03-Division03_Concrete 5.5 MB
04-Division04_Masonry 3.7 MB
05-Division05_Metals 4.7 MB
06-Division06_Wood Plastics and Composites 5.2 MB
07-Division07_Thermal and Moisture Protection 15.4 MB
08-Division08_Openings 23.7 MB
09-Division09_Finishes 21.3 MB
10-Division10_Specialties 6.6 MB
11-Division11_Equipment 42.4 MB
12-Division12_Furnishings 9.3 MB
14-Division14_Conveying Equipment 3.8 MB
21-Division21_Fire Suppression 5.0 MB
22-Division22_Plumbing 7.8 MB
23-Division23_HVAC 19.5 MB
26-Division26_Electrical 11.4 MB
27-Division27_Technology 31.7 MB
31-Division31_Earthwork 470.5 KB
32-Division32_Exterior Improvements 2.1 MB
33-Division33_Utilities 262.1 KB