Worland Taxilane C Widening Project

The project consists of construction of a 45’ x 457’ aircraft taxilane. The work involves 1,800 CY of unclassified excavation, 580 CY of subbase, 440 CY base course, and 540 tons of hot mix asphalt. The work also includes asphalt demolition and striping.
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001-Sheet 1 of 12_Cover Sheet 402.8 KB
002-Sheet 2 of 12_General Plan and Notes 381.5 KB
003-Sheet 3 of 12_Construction Safety and Phasing Plan 287.3 KB
004-Sheet 4 of 12_Demolition and Topsoil Stripping Plan 282.5 KB
005-Sheet 5 of 12_Erosion Control Plan 261.0 KB
006-Sheet 6 of 12_Utility Plan 417.6 KB
007-Sheet 7 of 12_Taxiline Geometry Plan 362.2 KB
008-Sheet 8 of 12_Grading and Spot Elevation Plan 330.9 KB
009-Sheet 9 of 12_Subdrain Plan 349.8 KB
010-Sheet 10 of 12_Reclamation Plan 211.1 KB
011-Sheet 11 of 12_Striping Layout Plan 204.4 KB
012-Sheet 12 of 12_Details 625.1 KB