Idaho Falls Regional Airport - Runway 17 and Taxiway D

Relocate Runway 17 End and Connecting Taxiway, Remove Taxiway A from Taxiway A-1 to Runway 17, Construct Taxiway D from Taxiway A to Taxiway B


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date7/8/19 1:30 pm

Bid Date7/17/19 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

T-O Engineers

Nathan Cuvala   208-323-2288


Idaho Falls, Idaho

Schedule A Relocate Runway 17 and Connecting Taxiway, Remove Taxiway A, Construct Taxiway D consists of asphalt pavement removal, excavation, subbase course, base course, asphalt mix pavement, drainage improvements, runway and taxiway edge lights, guidance signs, PAPI, Topsoiling, seeding and pavement marking. Approximate quantities include 7,500 SY asphalt pavement removal, 6,000 CY excavation, 2,400 CY subbase course, 1,400 CY base course, 2,500 tons of asphalt mix pavement, and 40,000 SF pavement marking.